PAO 45/90 model press features the basic characteristic of being able to assemble doors with 45° or 90°
joints without any previous setting, because the lateral and transversal pressing devices are one-piece
made and do not allow any displacement inside the joints.

PAO 45/90 hydraulic clamp is actually the right machine for high-volume producers of furniture doors,
and it is absolutely necessary to those who manufacture such products with special features and frequent changing size of the products.

This model is fully automatic: it is auto-positioning according to the dimensions of the cabinet door
incoming to the press, and for this reason it is not necessary to perform any manual action for positioning, and small series and special items can be easily processed at the same production rate as big standard series.

The pressing force can be adjusted in a differentiated way and is variable according to the type
of door to be assembled.
The door pressing time is adjusted by means of a timer located on the electric control panel

The press basement is made of high thickness, suitably reinforced and machined steel sheet.
The hydraulic equipment’s features are technical characteristics studied in order to have
absolute noiseless operations.

The operational control system is made by PLC. Further to the standard machine operation program,
there is a big range of software options available for special operative cycles or for remote connections to other system.

Technical data:

  • Power supply : Volt 380 50-HZ 3 phases + GRD
  • Control voltage : Volt. 24 DC
  • Useful operating size max. : mm. 1200 x 600 x 230
  • Useful operating size min. : mm. 350 x 270 x 80
  • Drive speed belt : meters 21/min
  • Operating cycle   : 20 sec
  • Installed power : kW. 2
  • Dimensions : mm. 4000 x 1250 x 1300H