5-осен обработващ център с ЦПУ

Working centre for complete machining of profiled panels together with the application and the finishing of the edges, created for shop, office fitters and interior designers who want to work order by order. Planet MX machine has characterized by the innovative glue system that applies the glue directly on the profile of the panel assuring the perfect hold of the tape. The various possibilities of the configuration of PLANET MX and the automatic positioning of the working tables and vacuum cups allows to minimise errors and the setup time of the machine.

Technical data

 X axis working area mm 3250 / 3850 / 4450 / 5050 / 5650
 Y axis working area mm 1230 / 1530
Panel passage mm 130
Boring spindles n. 18-30
Edge thickness mm 0,4 + 3
Edge height mm 12-=-64
Electrospindle kW (S1) 11 / 15
Tools available on the Tool Change Crib n. 18
Coils storage capacity pcs. 2-4-6