5-осен обработващ център с ЦПУ

Work center dedicated to the drilling, milling, cutting blade and insertion of all types of hardware. Designed to work fully all six sides of the panel, it integrates the effectiveness of a drilling line with the flexibility of a machining center. UNIX KBT is synonymous with efficiency for machining panels “batch 1”. Highly versatile model KBT Unix works stand alone or integrated into a production line, with different solutions for handling parts and equipment for loading and unloading automatic.

Technical data

Working area mm 3000 x 1000
Boring operating units n. 2
Optional integrated units n. 2 (max)
Optionals independents untis n. 4 (max)
Vertical independents Driiling spindles (on any Boring unit) n. 21 – 24
Horizontal independents Driiling spindles (on any Boring unit) n. 6 – 8
Power Electrospindle kW 6,6
Power Cutting unit kW 2,2
Panel thickness (max) mm 60