Обработващ център с ЦПУ за производство на масивни детайли за дървени къщи

AREA is the innovative ROUTECH CNC Gantry Machining Centre for the processing of wooden walls. Area’s gantry structure, with modular composition, allows the processing of wooden walls up to 4,5metres wide and slides on tracks up to 50metres long. The worktable has been designed for being customised with options for easy and safe work piece positioning.


The tracks are not vertically high ensuring reduced overall dimensions and providing easy access to the worktable.
Machining Heads with 5 interpolating axes, available in two versions: 13 KWwith HSK63E tool chuck and 28 KW with HSK85S tool chuck, in order to meet all production requirements.
QuickLink Software for easy integration with the most common CAD systems available on the market guaranteeing the automatic creation of the machining programs.
3D simulation station, ensuring control of all the work pieces to be realised through a 3D visualisation, real executing times included.

Technical data

Dimensions of the work piece to be processed:-
Width 3,2 or 4,5metres
Length up to 50metres
Thickness 360mm.
Tool magazines 12 positions
Saw blade diameter up to 1050mm