Автоматичен робот за лакиране и боядисване

The automatic spraying machine, COMPACT, straightforward and inexpensive, guarantees the advantages of the large automatic spray lines and makes them affordable to the small and medium-size enterprises. The machine has a single reciprocator with double arms sliding on high precision guides. The pressurized spraying cabin features a controlled ventilating system and access windows on both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance. The electronic control (available with PLC, or PC control) of the spraying area allows the detection of the pieces controls the opening and closing of the spray guns. The belt cleaning and reclaiming unit achieves the efficient belt cleaning and the reclaim of the lacquer overspray. In most cases this overspray can be adjusted and re-used. Most often combined with flat dryers for the fast flash off of solvent based or waterborne lacquers, whether UV or traditionally hardening; the Compact Spray becomes a compete small automatic finishing line, which fulfills the needs of small and medium- size enterprises.


The main benefits are
– material and labor saving
– easy use
– improved working conditions for the operators
– increased production capacity
– quality consistency
– limited space requirements
– greatly reduced production costs, when compared with manual spraying.
– limited investment level

Technical data


Working width

1300 mm.

Workpiece max. thickness

 90 mm.

Working height

900 mm.

Feed speed

 2 : 6 m/min

Conveying system

plastified belt with lacquer reclaiming unit

Electronic control

 PLC or PC as option